Jun 29 2008

Horse Nicknames

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Now that our trek is over and I’ve hugged Opie goodbye, I’ll share with you some of the nicknames I gave him at various points on the trip:

  • You Stupid Horse
  • Farty McSmellerton
  • Poopy McFartington
  • Valiant Steed
  • Good Boy
  • Bad Boy
  • Eating Machine
  • Best. Horse. Ever.

BTW, Dave changed horses for the last three days of the trip because the U in UPS changed to “Useless.”  He was given one of the larger, stronger horses that the guides had and eventually he earned the name Brutus (although by the end Dave regretted not using “Goliath” since it fit nicely with his own name).  I wonder if we’ll hear later this summer about UPS having been eaten.  They do that you know.  It’s true.  It happened to Amy’s horse from last summer’s trek.  Apparently the horse wasn’t pulling its weight anymore.

– Meredith

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