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Apr 08 2009

The party’s over (almost)!

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So, Dave’s been contracting for several weeks now, and I am starting my new job on Monday.  There’s just enough time before then for one last quick trip!  We’re heading off today to St. Thomas and we’ll be back on Sunday.  We’ll post some pics while we’re gone. – Meredith

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Nov 19 2008

And the Winner is…

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Many thanks to those of you who submitted captions for the contest. There were some clever and funny entries, some were crude (not that that matters I guess), I admit that there were one or two I didn’t get, and one person tried to slip in after the deadline (you know who you are!). After […]

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Nov 06 2008

Back in Boston

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We arrived in Boston early Thursday morning after a red-eye flight from Oakland, CA. Here are a few stats about our last 4 weeks on the road: We drove 4,500 miles. That’s equivalent to driving from Bangor, Maine to Miami, Florida and then to Los Angeles, California. We bought 170 gallons of gas. Yes, this […]

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Oct 06 2008

Goin’ West!

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Dave and I have been talking about whether or not to take one more trip together before getting back to reality (read: finally stop procrastinating on updating that resume and get a job!).  The decision hinged on this very scientific analysis: Pros of going on a month-long trip: We love to travel We can see […]

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Sep 14 2008

Our New Neighbor

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Our apartment community is built around a wetlands conservation area. There are several ponds in the community, where we often see geese and ducks. This summer, a new resident moved in: Do we live on Sesame Street? This bird is huge! We call him Buddy. We see him almost every day, usually in the same […]

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Aug 23 2008

Neither Rain nor Snow nor…

Today we completed a long-distance mission that we accepted while in the Galapagos in March. There was a place on the island of Floreana called “Post Office Bay” that has a barrel that holds postcards written by people visiting the Galapagos, addressed to others all around the world. The idea is that other visitors rifle […]

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Aug 15 2008

Bye Bye Beardie!*

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Dave finally shaved his beard off!! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Dave for a while, he had gotten a little too…Yeti…for me. He had decided not to shave during the trip to Mongolia, partly for fun, but partly because we were in the middle of nowhere and he would have had […]

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Jul 29 2008

Mom and Dad, What Did You Do to My Car?

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My friend Maura posted a comment to the blog this morning saying she assumed we made it to Buffalo, but did we make it back to Boston? It’s uncanny how pertinent that question actually is. The short story is that we are back in Boston, with my car, and we got to take Buffalo Grandma […]

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Jul 27 2008

At the Airport. Again.

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We’re just trying to get to Buffalo so I can get my car from my parents’ house and drive it back to Boston.  We already attempted this on Wednesday, but thunderstorms crippled the whole airport, and our severely delayed flight led to a flat-out canceled flight (after already having boarded!), and then we ended up […]

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Jul 23 2008

Home Again

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We’re back in Boston again and looking forward to catching up with friends and family! – Meredith and Dave

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