Dec 30 2007


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Meredith and Dave like to travel.

So, Meredith left her job and Dave took a leave of absence from his job to go travel for a while.  We’ll see how long it takes before we run out of money and have to go back to the real world.  For now, let’s assume that won’t happen for six months.

The first trip starts Feb 21 – South America for 5 weeks.

This is our first attempt at this whole blog thing.  We will try to post as frequently as Internet access allows from the various places we plan to visit, but it may be sporadic.  Please feel free to post comments to our blog – we would love to hear from you while we’re away.  Also, if you are really excited to read about our trip, please subscribe to the blog via email alerts (on the left nav bar), or subscribe to the blog with your RSS reader so you get notified when we publish new content.

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  1. Lisa Barrows (Dicker) says:

    Hi! Jason Spicer tipped me off to this website and your doings. How cool and exciting!

    I always wonder how you are and think of you. I’m really happy to see you are well. I’m doing well too – still live in NJ, took a major career change and am now a school psychologist.

    anyway, please write me so that we can seriously catch up.