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Mar 25 2008

Around Quito

Meredith has already mentioned the shopping and crazy good deals we saw on things like leather and wool. I thought I’d throw in some pictures of the markets plus a few other things we saw around Quito. It turns out that Ecuador has many volcanoes – over 25 – and quite a few are still […]

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Mar 24 2008

Un Poco De Español. MUY poco.

A lot of the trip in South America, we’ve been around English-speaking guides, but in Ecuador we’ve had some opportunities to use the Spanish we learned from reading the Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook we picked up at the airport on the way here (Dave took German in school, I took Latin, and I’ve had a […]

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Mar 24 2008

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Shopping!

I’m really glad we’ve spent some time in the highlands – we’re getting a good sense of the culture of the Ecuadorian people, the local history, and some beautiful scenery. We’ve been to several markets and towns where local crafts are produced. I may have bought a few things. My favorite town was called Cotacachi, […]

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