Mar 20 2008

Photo Galleries

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If you don’t feel like digging through past posts to find links to photo galleries, here is a simple list of links to take you directly to them:







American Southwest:

Churchill, Canada:

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7 Responses to “Photo Galleries”

  1. Pat & Tony says:

    Hi You Guys Just got around to viewing your fantastic pictures!! Watch out Ansel!!

    Where are you? Eating lotsa pasta? We figured the new job might be travel/photographers/journalists/comics. Know your having fun. Say hello to the Pope. Let us hear from you. Pat and Tony

  2. Jenn Wagner says:

    Okay, well… I was asking myself one day, “Where in the world is Meredith Mendola?”

    Answer: “Yes.”

    So much love to you, sweetie! What a glorious trip! Someday, please tell me all about it. For now, I’ll content myself with the expansive and thoroughly delicious photo gallery.

    BTW– Should you guys need a place to stop off in San Francisco mid jet-set, you’re always welcome here.

    Take care, and have a blast!

  3. tom barth says:

    Wow, these are some impressive photo’s. Good on both of you to undertake this adventure! See you when you get back!

  4. sharon says:

    hi guys,
    we are going to agriturismo malagronda whats the place and area like?

  5. Phil Epp says:

    I recently visited Kazakhstan as an American Artist Abroad. I enjoyed looking at your photos of central Asia. Thanks Phil

  6. Checkin’ out your great pics and all your wonderful adventures. You two sure get around. I’m so jealous! Have to laugh when I view your Mono Lake pics. As you may remember, I was standing right next to you for some of them. Like looking at my own pics.

    All the best, and travel safe!

  7. PeggySue Davis says:

    I am wanting to know more about the brand on the horse you were riding? Not the m but the backward 6 brand. I have a horse with the same brand that I have been trying to find out where he came from. Has F-12 on the right hip. Backward 6 on left hip. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you.