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Aug 31 2010


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We looked back to see what we posted about Rome in 2008.  We barely posted anything.  We packed a lot into a few days, and essentially didn’t have time to post anything.  Well, fast forward to 2010 – we spent even less time than in 2008, but we’ll do a little better job blogging, if […]

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Aug 30 2010

Mangiamo in Italia!

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When people ask, “what did you do while you were in Italy?” we’ll be able to talk about all the hill towns we visited, with old churches, and museums and art.  And we’ll describe the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, with row upon row of grapevines, cypress trees, and villas on hilltops.  But let’s be serious, people.  […]

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Aug 29 2010

View from our Window #3

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We left Tuscany Saturday morning and are now at our apartment in Rome. We’re staying in a neighborhood called Trastevere which is very active at night with restaurants and bars. Below are two pictures from our window, one at night and the other in the morning when it is really quiet. — Dave

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Aug 27 2010

Massa Maritima

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We spent our last day in Tuscany exploring a hill town that we did not visit in 2008 and that is not visited by most tourists (at least most Americans). A coworker of mine also writes travel guidebooks about Tuscany and Italy and he generously gave me a copy before we left. In his book, […]

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Aug 26 2010


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We spent one of our last days in Tuscany in Montepulciano, one of our favorite hill towns and it didn’t disappoint. The town is very picturesque, not as crowded as some others, offers tasting of local wines, and has plenty of side streets and back alleys to wander. It turned out that the town was […]

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Aug 24 2010


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Who doesn’t love Siena? We spent a really nice day with Dan and Han checking out the sights and walking around town.  Some pics below: One of the buildings on Il Campo, Siena’s main square. An apartment building with one of the town’s many churches in the background. The Duomo’s nave and dome.   Detail […]

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Aug 23 2010

Did a pigeon really just shit on me?

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Yes.   – Meredith

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Aug 23 2010

San Gimignano

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Since we are here in Tuscany for a week, our typical plan is to visit a different historic hill town each day. On Sunday, we visited Volterra which was one of our favorites in 2008 but this time was made a little more difficult because they were holding a week-long festival. This made the town […]

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Aug 22 2010

View from our Window #2

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We’re staying in a villa in Tuscany just outside San Gimignano. We stayed here during our 2008 trip and loved it so much we decided to come back. Last time, because there were only two of us, we had a small apartment that didn’t have much of a view from the window. This time however, […]

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Aug 21 2010

View from our Window #1

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Here is the view from the window in our hotel in Orbetello where we stayed on Friday night: — Meredith

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