Aug 24 2010


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Who doesn’t love Siena?

We spent a really nice day with Dan and Han checking out the sights and walking around town.  Some pics below:


One of the buildings on Il Campo, Siena’s main square.


An apartment building with one of the town’s many churches in the background.


The Duomo’s nave and dome.



Detail from the organ in the Duomo. 



An original stained glass window from Siena’s Duomo made by a Sienese artist named Duccio in 1288.  It’s now in the Duomo Museum, while the church has a copy.



I could spend hours in the small Piccolomini Library, just off the nave of the Duomo.  The frescoes around the walls portray the life of Aeneas Piccolomini (1405-1464), who went on to become Pope Pius II.  The ceiling is intricately painted with geographic designs and scenes from nature and mythology.  There is a statue of the Three Graces in the middle of the room, and lining all the walls below the frescoes are hymnals with illuminated scores of music.  This room is fantastic!  


– Meredith

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