Mar 24 2008

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Shopping!

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I’m really glad we’ve spent some time in the highlands – we’re getting a good sense of the culture of the Ecuadorian people, the local history, and some beautiful scenery.

We’ve been to several markets and towns where local crafts are produced. I may have bought a few things. My favorite town was called Cotacachi, which is where all the leather goods are made. Historically, these leather goods may not have been of much interest to me (saddles, chaps, etc.). But Ecuador is an enterprising country, and the leather craftsman have significantly expanded their repertoire. We only had an hour in town on the day we came, so I had to focus, or else I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to completely ignore shoes and boots. Now you know how hard that is for me!

Fortunately, I was rewarded for my focus and restraint by two leather jackets and three handbags. Oh my God, they are amazing – trendy with incredible quality, and at least 1/5 – 1/3 the price they would be at home. You really should come here.

– Meredith

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