Aug 23 2008

Neither Rain nor Snow nor…

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Today we completed a long-distance mission that we accepted while in the Galapagos in March. There was a place on the island of Floreana called “Post Office Bay” that has a barrel that holds postcards written by people visiting the Galapagos, addressed to others all around the world. The idea is that other visitors rifle through the postcards, take any that are near their homes, and then deliver them when they return. No postage required. There’s a lot of history in that barrel – it dates back to the 18th century when whalers used it to send messages home.

Dave and I are not quite as fast as the postal service, since we picked up the postcards on March 11 and delivered them on August 23. Also, there was no snow, rain, sleet or even a cloud in the sky today as we delivered our mail (unlike the rest of August here!), so we’re not as hardy as the postal service. But, you get what you pay for. We have only been home a few weeks since March, so not too bad.

We delivered four postcards to people who live in Boston and in one of the suburbs that’s not too far from us. We rang the doorbells hoping that the recipients would come out to chat, but unfortunately no one was home at any of the places we visited. We just left the postcards in the mailboxes or under the door with a sticky note saying that Dave and Meredith delivered them (of course we also left our blog address!).

Mission accomplished.

– Meredith

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  1. Jarrett Collins says:

    Dear Dave + Meredith,

    Thanks very much for delivering our mail from Post Office Bay… Our cards didn’t stay in the barrel long if you took them out March 11th — I’m pretty sure we put them in March 10th! Not quite the same as one of those post office stories about a letter being delivered 35 years after it was mailed, but we were thrilled to receive them (one for a 12-year old next door neighbor and one for our dog 😉

    Hope you had as much fun in the Galapagos as we did!

    Very best regards,

    Jarrett, Lee, Victoria, and Nina Collins
    Natick, MA