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Jun 17 2008

View from our Window #2

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Here is a picture of the view from our window (door, really) at the Eagle Ger Camp in Ulgii in Western Mongolia: We stayed in Gers (the round white structure on the left side of the picture). These are the homes for many Mongolian people, who are traditionally (and many are still) nomadic. The Gers […]

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Jun 17 2008

The Genghis Factor

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Sometimes things don’t go according to plan in Mongolia. Our trekking guides, Eddie and Amy, call this the Genghis factor (as in Genghis Khan). Today, our flight to Western Mongolia was supposed to leave UB at 10:45 am. But at 1:00 am, the flight schedule changed to 6:40 am because of forecasted weather at our […]

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