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Jun 09 2008

Home and The Ugly Truth

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I just got back home.  Dave’s on his way now – we couldn’t get on the same flight, so I’m picking him up in a few hours.  Everything seems to be where we left it. So here’s The Ugly Truth: I just weighed myself and I gained 10 pounds on this trip.  No one should […]

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Jun 09 2008

View from our Window #12

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Here is the view from our room in Munich (actually, Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich): (This is our friend Petra’s garden. She has quite the green thumb.) – Meredith

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Jun 09 2008

On Gelato

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We were sitting in a small restaurant in Montepulciano and our waitress was fascinated by the electronic dictionary gadget we’ve been using for English/Italian translation (highly recommended by the way; worth the money). She asked me to translate the word “gelato” and the result that came up was “ice cream.” She pointed this out to […]

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Jun 09 2008

The Last Photo Galleries from Italy Are Up!

I’ve just posted three more galleries of photographs from our trip to Italy. It feels good to finally be caught up since we left Venice one week ago. So without further ado, the gallery from the Cinque Terre is here, the gallery from Lake Como, Ravenna, and Bologna is here, and the gallery from Venice […]

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