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Jun 04 2008

Pop Quiz: Where are we? (aka The Case of the Floating Head)

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Let’s have a little quiz. Where are we in this picture? Oh, wait. You can’t tell. Because there are no clues in the picture. It could have been taken anywhere which means it’s not a great vacation photo. I find it very tough to get someone else to take a picture of us on a […]

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Jun 04 2008

There’s No Dignity In This and Other Observations as a Physically Impaired Person

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First, let me start off by saying that I’m not looking for pity by writing this post.  If you’ve heard enough about the ankle incident, you may not want to read further.  Although, it’s not really about the ankle, so much as it is about the experience of having limited mobility.  This is a blog […]

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Jun 04 2008

View from our Window #10

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Here is the view from our Venice hotel room: Hmm, that probably requires some explanation. A week before we arrived in Venice, our hotel emailed us to say that the building they are in just started renovation by another tenant. They gave us a discount if we were willing to keep our reservation so we […]

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Jun 04 2008

A New Photo Gallery: Umbria & Tuscany

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Well, we left Tuscany over two weeks ago but with everything going on, I’ve had less time than usual to devote to working on photography. Better late than never: a gallery of pictures from Umbria and Tuscany is now here. As usual, the Photo Galleries page is also updated. I hope you enjoy them. Stay […]

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