Aug 15 2009

Mongolia 2009 – Part 6 – Last Days in Ulaan Baatar

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I had two days in Ulaan Baatar before flying back the States. I mixed it with some souvenir/gift shopping and some sightseeing.


A Mongolian band playing on the side of one of the bigger cashmere stores in Ulaan Baatar. They were pretty good and the guy was really good at different kinds of throat-singing.


I went to the black market which is huge and has everything you can imagine: clothes, saddles, electronics, furniture, etc.


A shoe vendor at the black market.

My guide from the lake took me to a new entertainment complex that Mongolia is building a few miles outside of UB. He said it had a status of Genghis Khan and kept smiling as if it were some joke on me. It was definitely a surprise when I got there. It’s over 40 meters high not including the building that is its pedestal. It’s (currently) the world’s largest status of a horse with a rider.


The view of the statue as we walked towards it.


The statue from below.


Here I am on a viewing platform on the horse’s head. You can take an elevator inside the statue and then stairs to get outside.


And in the completely random and unexpected category, here is a door we saw while walking around UB: its the main office of the Mongolian National Beatbox Association.

And that’s the whole trip. Late that night, I flew out of UB and after 30 hours of travel, I was back in Boston. I loved the trip and am sure I’ll go back again but it felt great to come home.

– Dave

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