Aug 14 2009

Mongolia 2009 – Part 4 – Around Camp

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When we’re at camp, things are pretty relaxed. Once you get your tent set up, you can go hiking or for a ride if there’s time. One site is my favorite for simply walking upriver past several streams so you can look down an intersecting valley. Our group of camels posed nicely along the way for me.


Always an unexpected contrast: camels and snow.

Meal time was always a social event with lots of good conversation.


Dinner time meant plenty of food… 


…and sometimes a surprise like watermelon martinis.

The trip is a series of beautiful campsites but the ones near the end are my favorites.


The view from my tent near the end of the trek.


Our last campsite – at 10,000 feet next the glaciers.


One of the last things at each campsite: in the morning, our guide Eddie gets out a map and lay out the plan for the day.

– Dave

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