Jul 25 2009

More Mishaps in Translations to English

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I’m very disappointed that the elevator warning sign that I posted about last year has been replaced in the meantime by one that is properly translated. While the sign outside that says “Do Not Recline For Dangerous Fall Down” is still there, the big one inside described in this post is now completely rewritten in correct English. That said, there is still plenty of fodder around. One of my favorites was before I even arrived. On the flight to UB from Korea, I saw in the airline magazine for MIAT (the state airline here), there is a interview with a Mongolian investment banker who claims that “Mongolians have a very rich endowment.” Hmm.

The other day, several of us went to the black market here in UB and my mission quickly became finding items (shirts, hats, luggage, whatever) that had botched translations on them. One of my favorites was a shirt with Snoopy and Woodstock on it. It had Snoopy saying “What am I?” followed by him reaching the conclusion, “I am a doog” [sic].

And although not incorrect, a funny ad I saw for a hotel had the tag line, “The Best Value. Superb Services. There you go.”

So there you go.

– Dave

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