Apr 12 2009

Dave’s Dives

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I spent all of Saturday diving – 2 dives in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It was a clear day which meant lots of sunlight down below for better pictures. In the morning, we dove near Little St. James and a rock called “Cow” which apparently is well known (shows how hard-core a diver I am). In the afternoon, we did two dives including a wreck drive near Buck Island. Here are a few underwater highlights:


Checking out a small wreck.


For someone this is the one that got away. Who knows how long he’s been hauling that sinker around.


A live conch in its shell. In a bigger version of this, you can see an eyeball peeking out.


A big school of Southern Sennet.


The least skittish turtle I’ve seen. He swam up to us to check us out. Probably about 2 feet from my mask.


Our groupĀ  swims around the Cow.


A well hidden spiny lobster. Almost didn’t see him.


Squid. Mmm…calamari….


A squirrel fish.


And finally, yours truly.

– Dave

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