Jul 15 2008

Luau on Kauai

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We went to a luau while on Kauai.  If you’ve ever been to one, I’m sure you know what it was like – I think they’re all fairly similar in format:

  1. Arrive, tour the grounds.
  2. Imu ceremony to unearth a pig you will be eating soon.
  3. Bar opens, watered-down mai tais are served while a Hawaiian trio (ukulele, guitar, singer) performs.
  4. Find a place to sit among 500 of your closest friends.  Meet the people sitting across from you.
  5. Buffet opens, get food, sit down, try poi and not like it.
  6. Head to theater for Polynesian extravaganza complete with erupting volcano.

The strengths of the luau we went to are the beautiful grounds (lots of flowers, trees, and birds) and the food, which was really very good (except the poi).  The show was decent, but the guys in the show lacked enthusiasm.  Also, half of them were scrawny teenagers.  The ladies did a better job.

Here are some pics from the evening:


A peacock chases a peahen on the grounds (given how much the peacock shook his feathers to try to attract the female, they should have put him on stage during the show)


Unearthing the pig in the Imu ceremony


A Hawaiian dance


A Tahitian dance


A Maori dance with poi balls (not the same kind of poi served at the buffet; perhaps these would have been tastier)


The show ended with a Samoan fire dance


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