Feb 29 2008

Blog Reading and Internet Access

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Blog reading:

  1. A few of you have asked us via email about keeping up to date with the blog without checking it manually every day. It´s really easy: fill in your email address in the box on the left side of the blog page and click the Subscribe button to register for updates. If you already use an RSS reader, then you can subscribe to us with that, but then again, if you´re in that group, you already know this.
  2. Some have asked why their comments don´t immediately show up on the site. If it´s your first comment, it won´t show up immediately. To control spam in the comments, we´ve set it up so that we have to approve your first comment. After that, you should be able to comment all you want.

Infrequent updates:

Our access to the Internet is spotty at best, and when we get it, it´s painfully slow. Remember dial-up access to the Internet? It´s worse. With our FIOS service at home, we have more bandwidth to our apartment than the entire southern half of Argentina does. At least it feels that way. Meredith took an hour last night to read two emails. I didn´t even try. What this means is that our posts here will be “bursty” so you should see several at a time. We write them offline as we go, and then post them if we find an Internet cafe and some time. FYI, the boat in the Galapagos won´t have Internet access, so that´s 11 days where you probably won´t hear from us.

I´ve taken lots of great pictures and the plan was to include them with our posts. This has been difficult in our current location, but hopefully will be better in the next, and I will post them as soon as I can.

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