The Story of My Life

To My Descendants to Imitate Where I was Right And to Profit by My Mistakes

George N. Saegmuller



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Historical Marker in front of Reserve Hill house

Editor's notes re this copy of this book:

This site was scanned and OCR'd from a printed copy of this book. The book started as a manuscript completed by George Nicholas Saegmuller in 1929. The manuscript was inherited by his son George Marshall Saegmuller. George Marshall's son-in-law, Harry Clifton Ames self-published the book in an extremely limited run in 1962. A few hard-covers and a few more soft-covers were just enough copies for the different branches of descendants to have. George N. Saegmuller is my great-great-grandfather.

I divided the text on the autobiography page into separate sections with my own naming scheme to make web navigation easier. The original text was left alone with any known errors intact (note, for example, how GNS capitalizes almost all nouns which must be a habit he never broke when switching from German to English) but I have adjusted some layout where I thought it improved legibility.

I also inserted the book's pictures in more relevant positions within the text. This seems legitimate since this was probably the original intent. It is likely that the only reason that the pictures were on separate pages from the text was the limitations/cost of combining the two at the time that the book was published. The pictures are quick, sloppy scans direct from the original book with simple contrast correction. In some cases, the originals exist and might be restored and substituted later.

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- Dave Burns

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