The Story of My Life - George Nicholas Saegmuller

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Appendix 1


Probably no man is entitled to more credit for the successful outcome of the great project undertaken in behalf of the citizens of Alexandria County in the erection of a new courthouse, than Mr. George N. Saegmuller, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Saegmuller is a thorough business man, and was elected as one of the supervisors of the county on account of his business qualifications. For this same reason he was made chairman of that board, and a better selection could not have been made. He takes a deep personal interest in all matters that come before the board, and his practical business knowledge has proved of immense value to that body in wrestling with the problems that naturally come before it, especially in the matter of erecting a new courthouse. Although not a large county, Alexandria raises quite a nice sum of money from taxes, which is expended by the board of supervisors. It is safe to say, that since Mr. Saegmuller has been chairman of that board, not one penny of that money has been misappropriated or wasted. The need of a thorough business man of Mr. Saegmuller's ability can readily be appreciated when we consider the many opportunities which arise before the board for spending the public money in such a manner as not to get the best returns from the investment. A man who is successful in his private business affairs, and is willing to devote his time to public matters, always makes the best public officer, where executive ability and business knowledge are required. It is hoped that the people of Alexandria County will long continue George N. Saegmuller in office, if they wish the resources of the county developed and their money judiciously expended. He is a large property owner in the county, and has personally spent large sums of money in improving the public roads, and otherwise assisting in matters of public interest. Good roads is his hobby, and if the people will back him up, he will enhance the real estate values in the county millions of dollars, by carrying out his idea of road improvements. Although gruff and plain in his speech, he is a man of kind heart, and the evidences of his kindness and charity can be found among those who have been his beneficiaries.

Reprint from Falls Church Monitor - November 19, 1898.

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